Watch Movie with subtitles

Looking for subtitles for movie ?? and you don’t know how to add subtitles to movie ?? Then take look at this post and you will able to add subtitles to movie or video by downloading subtitles files from net. In this post I will tell you two methods in which you can add subtitles to movie/video for temporary or permanently. So lets start.

First You will need to download subtitle file of movie from internet which can be in SRT, ASS, SSA format. You can get subtitles for Hollywood and bollywood movies from This site offers various language subtitles.

Adding subtitles to movie can be done by two ways:

1. Using FREEMAKE video converter

Check out freemake video converter.

Step 1: Open FREEMAKE video converter. And Click on +Video button to add video to freemake video converter.

Step 2: Then take a look at description. Click on “No subtitles“. It will pop up options, click on “Add subtitles”, then browse and import downloaded subtitle file.

Step 3: Now, to save your movie with subtitles click on “convert” from menu and choose format.

And give time to complete converting process. After completing video converting you can enjoy watching movie with subtitles.

2.Load subtitles from media player

We can load subtitles while watching movie from Media players like VLC and Media Player Classic.

In Media Player Classic you have to go to menu File, then click on Load subtitles. Then browse and choose downloaded subtitles.


You can simply drag and drop subtitles file in media player while playing movie in media player classic.

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