Test your SD card

Test Your SD Card

SD (Secure Digital) card is a card mostly used in cell phones, cameras and tablet computers. Such SD cards we bought from online store, local market or from any other sources. But most of the time we try to get SD card with best deal i.e. we try to saves the money and in this case most of the time we got Counterfeit memory card. And nowadays it is difficult to detect original memory card and Counterfeit memory card as both can look same. So is there any way to detect it? Yes! Now it possible to detect original and counterfeit micro SD memory card on Android Mobile by using application SD Insight.

SD Insight is an application developed by HumanLogic which is free and easy to use mobile application to view Manufacturing Details. To install SD Insight go to this link then insert SD card into mobile by turning off the mobile. Then launch SD Insight it will gives you all Manufacturing details about your card. So this is an application which helps us to detect fake Micro SD card.


SD Insight

SD Insight


What information does SD Insight display?

SD Insight displays information such as manufacturer name, date of manufacture, and the product name and serial number.  If the SD card is a fake, a notification will display on the screen under “Manufacturer name”. Other information about the SD card that is displayed includes validation of the SD Card against its class rating for the minimum data transfer rate – such as Classes 2, 4, 6 and 10.



It is good practice to run SD Insight application Immediately after buying new SD card, to test whether is it genuine card or not.

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