SPELL UP is new game that can help improve your English

Now It is possible to improve our English by playing game. Today google unveiled its latest Experiment for chrome. This experiment is a game which name is “SPELL UP” based on voice recognition. Definitely this game will help people to spell English word better.


To play SPELL UP you need Microphone and Speaker. It can be play using keyboard instead of microphone. When you will start to play this game will ask you to spell the words and if you done it correctly then that word will be added to your tower. To build word tower not only you need to spell words but you have to pronounce them correctly, solve word jumbles and fill the missing letter.

While playing this game you can earn medals and coins which can be used to activate power-ups to add more levels to tower faster.

SPELL UP allows us to sign in using Google account to save or continue. After logging you can see your achievement and that can be shared to social networking sites.

This game can be played with English US or UK for now, But may be google will add more languages to the game. Play Now https://spellup.withgoogle.com/

Watch this video for more.

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