Rooting Xperia L The Easy Way

How can people live in the world without Rooting their android phone ?
But  the big question is shall i root or not?
i know it’s been asked many time and  it has been answered many times by lot of Developers and Geeks.
But we are not here to discus about it ….We are here to learn how can i Root Xperia L (if you own one you should do it for sure )

Rooting Xperia L The Easy Way

So let us start Rooting :D

In few simple step you can easily root Your Boodloader Locked Xperia L

And i don’t need to say about warranty and all bla bla bla

Before we start we need few files & few settings to be made in phone.

1st you need to download the files which is needed for rooting XL.

The link contain files like motochopper & remount Reboot Fix.

Link :

After downloading please Extract the files in a folder, you will find motochopper & remountrebootfix


You need to make sure that you have…..

Enable “USB Debugging“And Connectivity is selected as MTP ( Media Transfer mode ).


Also make sure if you any of the below file is not installed in your XL

  • Busybox,
  • Superuser
  • SuperSU
  • Anyother root related files


If all is ready then let us start :D

Connect your XPERIA L with PC / Laptop ( if using Win7/Win8 then drivers will be installed automatically, If not then make sure you have installed Sony PC Companion )

Double Click on “run.bat” which you will find in motochopper folder and follow the instructions as told there. It will ask you to press any random button.

Make sure your phone is ON while connecting with USB Cable.

If successful XPERIA L will reboot and there are applications installed SuperSU / Superuser.Then connect to internet and update the SuperSU / Superuser.Then go to play store and download busybox :)

Now most important part , as we have rooted and we surely would like to remove the crap Google apps & Sony Apps.But if we do system will reboot.the fix is below.

Remember the downloads in that we had 2 files other file which was “remountrebootfix”

Now open that file you will find supersu & superuser.Now check which root access file is on you phone SuperSU / Superuser.

If you are having SuperSU in your system than double click & run it , if you are having Superuser then double click and run it.Follow the instruction which will come on screen.

If successful phone should reboot.

If you followed the instruction correctly it should be rooted in 2 mins if not then try again 2-3 time it should be done :)

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