[Rooting guide] How To Root LG G Flex

For  Rooting  various LG devices like LG G2, G Pro 2, Optimus G, etc  one of the popular IOroot tool is able to give root access on your LG G Flex This tool will also  create a backup of your EFS data so you can restore it afterwards, so no need to worry about EFS as Rooting mostly damages it.Currently this tool supports the LG G Flex F340-series, D955-series, D956-series, D958-series, AT&T D950, T-Mobile D959 and Sprint LS995.
Also supports the LG Optimus G, LG G2 and G Pro 2.

Device Model and Firmware Supported By IOroot tool:

LG Optimus G – All

LG G2:
D800 – D80010d/D80010o/D80010q
D801 – TMO, CLR, WND, VTR [all 4.2.2. firmware. 4.4.2 not yet.]
D802 – all 4.2.2 firmware. 4.4.2 not yet.
D803 – all 4.2.2 firmware. 4.4.2 not yet.
D805 – all 4.2.2 firmware. 4.4.2 not yet.
D806 – all 4.2.2 firmware. 4.4.2 not yet.
F320K (Shipping ROM)
F320K – F320K20a/20f
F320L (Shipping ROM)
F320L – F320L20b/20e
F320S (Shipping ROM)
F320S – F320S20a/20g
Sprint LS980 – All
Verizon VS980 – All

LG G Flex:
F340 series – All
AT&T D950 – All
D955 series – All
D956 series – All
D958 series – All
D959 series – All
Sprint LS995 – All

G Pro 2
F350K/L/S – All firmware as of March 04, 2014

Disclaimer: The tools,  mentioned in this article belong to the respective owners or developers. Mediastaan.com or the author of this post will not be held responsible for any kind of damage happen to your device while following this tutorial. You are advised to follow this tutorial of rooting LG G Flex at your own risk.

Getting ready to root:

  1. Download ioroot22.zip.
  2. Enable USB debugging mode.
  3. Install LG USB Drivers

    How To Root LG G Flex


    • Connect your LG G Flex to your  PC via usb.
    • extract IOroot zip and open the  folder.
    • Right click the Run.bat file and choose run as admin, For Mac you need to run  root-mac.sh and for Linux choose root-linux.sh
    • A cmd window will pop up only ask u to  press any Key



    • wait for the process to complete in a few minutes your LG G Flex will be rooted.
    • your LG g flex is now rooted look for superuser app in app drawer or check root access via rootchecker


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