Phonebloks An excellent conceptual idea for a smartphone

I am sure you have been in a situation where you have your smartphone run out of memory or is no longer compatible due to older hardware and you think yeah its bout time to get a new smartphone just because of few or maybe single hardware requirement , Think again its pretty odd to dump your 6-7 months old phone for just a single drawback isi’nt it ? Well Dave Hakkens thinks pretty much same he knows as soon as a new device comes out, the old one is tossed in the garbage or put on the shelf to collect dust. And Dave wants to change this with his amazing idea of a phone that has parts joint together like Lego


“Every time I got a new phone I threw away so many good components, all those bluetooths, speakers, displays I’ve thrown out over the years just because one other component is broken,” Hakkens told the Huffington Post by email. “This felt like a real waste!”

Indeed it is when you look at the amount of electronic trash we produce its quite a big number


Phonebloks An excellent conceptual idea for a smartphone

Phonebloks An excellent conceptual idea for a smartphone



This week, Hakkens presented his design for Phonebloks, a smart phone that has removable elements on its front side and rear so that everything from the processer to the digital camera can be easily improved without removing the rest of the phone. The entire device is organised together by a pegboard-style platform, with a screen installed on the top side.At the momet , Phoneblocks is just an idea, but the dutch designer hopes the product can come to fruition. Using a service called Thunderclap, he is coordinating would-be Phonebloks enthusiasts to send out a message about the phone on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr on the same day, Oct. 29. Hakkens explains on his youtube video about how it could be possible to perform a hardware upgrade

Watch Phonebloks idea as presented by Dave Hakkens



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