Load Plugins In Firefox Only When Clicked

Firefox , probably one of the most used browsers for its availibilty of plugins but  sometimes plugins can also cause problems with security and stability . Firefox 14 now has the ability to load plugins only when clicked.

here’s how to enable and use opt-in plug-ins in Firefox:-

  • Open Firefox and type in address bar about:config . you’ll get a warning prompt, click the “I’ll be careful, I promise” button.

  • In Search Box type “plugins.click_to_play” preference, then double-click on the entry so the value reads “true.” Restart Firefox

Opt-in/opt-out of plug-ins for individual sites

  • After restarting your browser, go to one of your favorite Web sites. If your plug-ins are supported on that site, you’ll see a plug-in block icon in the address bar.

 Manage your Blocked/Allowed Site permissions 

  • To change or view your preferences for a site either click on identity globe in address bar and click more information and go to permissions or right click on any empty area on page and choose view pageinfo and again go to permissions
  • In Page Info Window u can select where to allow or block plugin on that site
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