Latest Google Playstore 4.3.11 Download

UPDATE : Latest Google Play Store 4.5.10 Download is now availible

Latest Google Playstore 4.3.11 Download

Almost a week before we posted about google releasing  a major play store update with version 4.3.10 The update included  update notifications, the new Recently updated section of My apps, and a several more tweaks.Few days before version Google Playstore  4.3.11



What’s New?

this is a minor update so not much changes

  • updated plural translations for the following locales: bg, es-rUS, fr, id, in, ja, ko, ms, pt, pt-rPT, ro, ru, sk, sl, th, tl, tr, vi, zh-rCN
  • Minor changes to the SearchAdapter and PlayTabContainer. I can’t tell what these changes are exactly, but they have something to do with item counts, query suggestions, and layout width. Probably bug fixes.

Latest Google Playstore 4.3.11 Download

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