Latest Google Play Store 4.5.10 APK Download, Now Comes With Shared Play Store Activity

Latest Google Play Store 4.5.10 APK Download Now Comes With Shared Play Store Activity

It’s Been a while since  Google has rolled out any major update to the Play Store with any new features. Well thanks to the new Latest Google Play Store 4.5.10 which now comes with several more new features like Shared Play Store Activity


Google-Play-Store-4.5 DownloadGoogle-Play-Store-4.5 google Download

Google-Play-Store-4.5 Download

Whats New:

Some of the most exciting features included in the 4.5.10 update is an indicator for in-app purchases., it’s perfect to notice some kind of indication of whether the app you are going to download will be ask you to make further transactions.

As opposed to previous versions of the Play Store, 4.5.10 allows users to remove their reviews as well as the stars have recently changed too – they’re now green, sans outline, plus a little sharper.

Throughout most reviews including the ones by you, avatar images are  encapsulated in circles instead of squares.In other places, various information and typography has been adjusted.

Yet another improvement to the Play Store is an activity feed. Basically, the Play Store will now let you to view and share a stream of your Play Store activity with other people,connected with your Google+ profile. This feed will showcase your +1s, ratings, etc. as well as allow you to click through to G+ profiles also.

Google-Play-Store-4.5 google plus profiles

The Play Store is also a bit more forward in offering recommendations and encouraging users to rate items, offering up items with huge star ratings to enhance the store’s suggestions for future content. To further aid you in discovering new apps and games that you’ll like, the Play Store is going to include items rated by your G+ contacts


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