Improve Sound Quality Of Your Android Device With Pure Audio Engine [MOD]

In todays world of smartphone one of the most common applications is music and when it comes to sound quality not every device lives up to the mark of an audiophile. to overcome this several mods were developed in past like beats audio and acid audio.Another Mod in the same line is PureAudio™ Engine developed by Jeeko over at xdadevelopers

This mod is the set of the most famous equalizers (Beats, xLoud, Sony Audio) modified to perfection to get the maximum quality from any type of condition! We performed the test with the stock headphones coming out in conjunction with the phone, and with in-hear headphones Sony MDR-EX10… With both we achieved a sensitivity of low noise, low closed, and crystal clear sound.

Jeeko Also Performed some Performance Benchmarks Using Noisemeter app whose result came to be Quite impressive

                                                             More decibels = worst quality
Less decibels = higher sensitivity and better sound


so lets take a look at the features of this mod shall we ?

– Clear sound
– No more track noise
– Beats™ Audio by Dr.Dre
– Audio Pure™ Control not to damage your hearing
– Also compatible with the headphones that don’t support audio render of 60kHz
– Where possible, arrange for the conversion of the songs (in background) below 256 kbps to 320kbps
– During playback of songs / sounds make a soft frequency scaling to reduce noise and highlight the track
– It offers more powerful and closed bass
– Efficient even with stock headphones
– Improves a lot the audio call
– Enhance the speakers for playing music without headphones in high quality


  • well at first i did not think it would support gingerbread since almost all development to the os is dead but to my surprise it supports gingerbread as well
  • it supports ICS/JB/CM9/10.x/AOSP ICS and promises KLP support (in future) 
  • it doesn’t work on any CM7.x.

  • to install simply head to the original topic  here  and download the zip file from there , then copy it to your sd card and reboot into cwm and flash the zip file and you are good to go

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