How to Transfer Files Between Your PC and Android Phone Wirelessly

How to Transfer Files Between Your PC and Android Phone Wirelessly

ever wanted to copy some stuff to phone but lost the data cable ? Not anymore,

Today, we’ll show you how to transfer files between Android and your computer without a USB cable.

What You Need :

You will require to have these apps installed on your android device
  • ES File Explorer File Manager : one of the best file managers on the play store and it also has lan support which we require
  • SwiFTP: a lightweight FTP server that lets u makes you transfer files from windows mac or linux over ftp connection
  • Static Ip For wifi  You need to configure your android device to use a static ip so that we do not need to reconfigure hostname in case ip is changed  it can be done under wifi setting advanced options
Both Apps are free on playstore and worked flawlessly on our device (micromax A52)

Configuring the FTP server to Mount Android Device on windows:

After Installing Swiftp open it and it will ask you to do some initial setup.
In username field choose a username of your choice and same with password field leave port field as it is
make sure you tick on accept connection  from wifi as we need wireless access
after entering username and password start the server by going to app home and clicking on start

Mapping Android FTP Server As A Network Drive

This will show your android device as a drive inside Windows explorer.
  • Go To My Computer and right click on empty area and choose add a network location
  • Now network location wizard will start click next on msg untill u get to the screen below .
  • Enter the network address same as shown in swiftp for me  it was
    • on next screen untick log on anonymously and enter the username and password used in ftp server . click next it will now ask for name of network location name it whatever u like this will b name of the network drive
    • You will now have a new drive inside my computer

You can now use simple copy paste operations to transfer files from pc to phone

Transfering files from android to pc

this is pretty simple just open es explorer and switch to lan tab then click search and it will show u the network you are connected to click on the network you need to copy files to
you might need to configure homegroup for folders to b accessible from android device

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