How to enable crt animation in gingerbread android

This simple guide will show you how to enable the CRT animation on any Gingerbread build. It’s a fairly easy process, but it does require  a tool to decompile and recompile android apk files like apktool or apkmultitool. We’re gonna be using apk-multi-tool and notepad++ for xml editing.


I cannot assure you it will work for all devices so do have a backup in hand before going forward

This mod has known conflict with build proptery debug.sf.hw=1 so delete this line in  your build.prop file 
    1. Download apkmultitools and extract the contents of zip anywhere on pc also install java sdk cause it is required for apktool.jar
    2. in the extracted apk-multi-tools folder  run setup.bat and choose 3 setup directories .
      when the setup is done close this window

    1. Now in apkmultitools setup you will find some new folders now copy your framework-res.apk file to apktoolfolderplace-apk-here-for-modding

    1. Next run script.bat found inside apk-multi-tool folder,press enter to continue  now enter 27 to  select current project ,next choose the number that is shown for framework-res.apk example mine was 1 so i choose 1
    2. now its time to decompile the apk  enter 9 to decompile the apk after decompile is done it will ask you whether to to open to project folder either use that or go to apktoolsfolder and find projects folder to find decompiled files 
    3. Now go to apkmultitoolfolder/projectsframework-res.apkresvalues and open file named bools.xml with notepad++.
    4. Find this line “true” and change it to “false”  save and close this file
  1. now back in apkmultitools window enter 11 and follow on screen instructions to compile the modified framework-res.apk. the new modified apk will be found in apktoolsfoldermodified-system-apk-files-here
  2. Now copy this framework-res back to your phone with permissions rw-r-r 

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