Gtalk smiley theme (updated to v3.1)

Updated to v 3.1 download link below

Whats new!!!


  • Added meme character based smilies 
  • shifted sender and reciever picture icons to left n right respectively (thanks to pranjal for providing help with css )


okay  i made a theme for gtalk that includes a decent background and   many smilies

this is a edited version of  preexisting theme by someone  i dont know so credits to him aswell

Special Credits [email protected] For Smilies

after install all u need to do is go to settings > appearance >and select gtalk smiley theme v3 from drop down list on right

Smiley shortcuts : Apart from traditional smilies like :)  :O  more smilies are availible  whose shortcuts are given along  with the installer


Hope u like it if yes don’t forget to share and comment

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