Google Soon To Remove Google Now Launcher From Playstore


As we all know that Google currently is offering two launcher apps in the Play Store, The Google Now Launcher which was introduced with Android 4.1 named jelly bean and Pixel Launcher which was recently introduced with Android 7.0 Nougat. In coming days this is going to change. According to an email forwarded to by a tipster, Google has notified GMS partners that it is going to remove Google Now Launcher from the Play Store in the upcoming weeks. OEMs that use GNL have options, though.

The email (Screenshot Below) clearly tells that the Search Launcher Services library for OEMs which was under testing till now is now available. Which is what Sony utilized to integrate the Google Now panel in its stock launcher a while back. That means OEMs can now integrate the Google Now panel on whichever launcher they required. Some device manufacturers have been shipping with GNL, which included Motorola and Nexus devices. Google says they can easily take Launcher3 from AOSP and integrate the search services, or create a new launcher from scratch.It’s still a mystery if Google will do anything similar for the Nexus devices.



Google intends to remove GNL from the optional GMS package from coming this March 1st, which means any device with launcher pre-installed will be approved after that. Existing devices will still continue using GNL, though. Which will technically still be updated via the Google app. On the other hand, the listing will be removed by the end Q1 2017. This will affect people who just installed GNL on their devices from the store. While You’ll still be able to use it, you should not expect any major improvements.



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