Dropbox Experimental Build 2.3.12 Now Allows You To Share Screenshots

Dropbox Experimental Build  2.3.12 Now allows you to share screenshots

Dropbox Experimental Build

One of the best cloud storage available is now moving on. Dropbox is almost finished up working on the version 2.1.x and moving on to 2.3.x line which is currently in experimental phase . The experimental build brings up various productivity improvements over the earlier versions

New in 2.3.12

  • Screenshot to dropbox
  • Move to dropbox
  • Import from iphoto on mac systems
  • faster upload/download speed for large files
Screen shot to dropbox is only available for mac and windows right now. To use it all you need to do is print screen key on your keyboard on windows and dropbox will automatically upload it to your dropbox folder and provide you with a public link which you can share with anybody
To install dropbox experimental build click here and download the setup

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