Download torrent with IDM or with browser

Torrents are big in size and mostly used to download movies, songs, games, applications, videos and other big files. To download torrent files we require torrent client like µTorrent, BitTorrent and while downloading with such clients we get bit less speed though it is depends on seeders. So it can be better to download torrent with download manager like IDM (Internet Download Manager) or with browser.

While surfing on net in searching of download torrent with IDM, I got website which allows us to download torrent direct from website. So let’s see how to Download torrent with IDM.

NOTE : It is better to go with IDM or other download manager because most of the browsers doesn’t gives resume support.

STEP 1 : Go to torrent site and copy torrent download link or download torrent file (not whole torrent).

STEP 2 : Then go to zbigz website. PC users can follow this link.

 URL :

And mobile users can follow below link.

 URL :

STEP 3 : Register on zbigz. And If you copied download link from torrent site then paste it on zbigz otherwise click on upload torrent file and then click on Go button. It will prompt two options free and premium.

STEP 4 : Click on free, if you don’t want to go with premium. Then wait till download complete on zbigz server. It will take less time.

Then you are able to download torrent from your download manager by clicking on download or .zip button. It will download torrent in zip file format. OR you can download only some files from torrent. So you can do this with every torrent you want to download.

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