Download APK Files from Google Play

How to Download APK Files from Google Play

When you download Android apps from Google  play store what basically happens is an  .APK file is downloaded onto your device which is an installer for the app you want to install just like in windows you have an exe file we have an apk file in android.


Furthermore there are various circumstances where you may need to install the APK manually instead of installing the app straight away from Play store. This specific situation usually arises when play store says that a specific app is incompatible with your device however one still really wants to use and find out if it really works or not , or where a particular app is not available to you in your country, or in situation one would need to download a game and install it on multiple devices; perhaps to conserve time and bandwidth. Apparently, Google Play store doesn’t allow you download application as APK file for obvious reasons. Fortunately, an online tool is currently around to achieve this particular task easily!


Apk Downloader

Apk Downloader


The APK Downloader, developed by Evozi is a fantastic online tool that provides the ability to rapidly download the APK file of just about any Android app from the Google Play store straight to your desktop. Note: To avoid piracy, it  certainly does not allow downloading paid apps.


Download APK files Directly from Google Play Store –

  • navigate to to use online APK Downloader service
  • Next just insert the URL of whatever Android app or Package name you want to download and click the ‘Generate Download Link’ button. The package name of an app can easily be located in the play store link of the app, mentioned just after ?id=. You can easily download the file as its ready and copy the app on your device. You can also verify the file utilizing the provided MD5 hash value.

Alternatively you can also install their chrome extension to achieve the same

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