Direct upload screenshots to dropbox with CloudShot

Sometimes we want to capture a screen and also want to share it over net. And for this we goes through several processes like capturing screen then cropping it in editor then uploading it to online storage then we can share that screen shot. But now this is easy and short processes using CloudShot tool, take a look at this post.

To capture a screen and to share it directly over net you have to install CloudShot. It is easy to use. After installing CloudShot you can capture any rectangular region by pressing PrtScn button.

CloudShot is a small simple short screen capture tool that will help you to capture a screen and to upload that captured screen immediately at dropbox. It also allows you to store image at local folder, But If you want to store image on dropbox you need to link CloudShot tool to dropbox by clicking on sign in button, It will open browser and you will ask to login or register. By this you will be able to store images at dropbox. Once you done with this, pressing PrtScn button will automatically upload the image to your dropbox account, and copy the link to your clipboard. So if you want to share it online then just paste it.


CloudShot Settings

CloudShot Settings



  • Integration with dropbox
  • Save shot url to clipboard
  • Multiple monitors support
  • History of shots
  • Text labels
  • Shot window or selected region

CloudShot save captured screen in default PNG format but you can change it to JPG/JPEG format from settings. You can change path of folder if you are saving images at local folder. This tool also allows us to change Shot Hotkey of capture screen.

Finally I can say that, CloudShot is good tool to work with screen captures and to store them at dropbox.

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