Amusing Digital Artworks by Voytek Fus" data-hovercard="/ajax/hovercard/hovercard.php?id=100002996715627&extragetparams=%7B%22hc_location%22%3A%22ufi%22%7D" data-ft="{"tn":";"}" data-reactid=".r[2ofxa].[1][3][1]{comment467283446714875_2602416}.[0].{right}.[0].{left}.[0].[0].[0][0]">Wojtek Fus is a well known artist coming from poland this guy has amazing skills to capture life like artworks on the digital media so here we have a must  see collection of quality conceptual digital artworks by Voytek Fus. if you like his work give him a follow on his facebook or comment on same .
digital artworks by Voytek Fus digital artworks by Voytek Fus 003-brilliant-artworks-voytekfus 004-brilliant-artworks-voytekfus 005-brilliant-artworks-voytekfus 006-brilliant-artworks-voytekfus 007-brilliant-artworks-voytekfus 008-brilliant-artworks-voytekfus 009-brilliant-artworks-voytekfus 010-brilliant-artworks-voytekfus 011-brilliant-artworks-voytekfus 012-brilliant-artworks-voytekfus 013-brilliant-artworks-voytekfus 014-brilliant-artworks-voytekfus

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    Love them! Love the detail! Loose the babe with the gun pls.

  • agooddecision

    Yeah! Set her loose! Let her rampage across MIDGR.COM killing everyone that can’t understand the difference between lose and loose. Also, learn to spell please, it’s not hard.

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