10 Best Android Live Wallpapers You Must Try

Android live wallpapers were introduced since android 2.1 these are animated wallpapers and mostly interactive to your actions like touch and tilt of  phone.One of the best part of android os is that you can personalize it according to your liking and live wallpapers help you bring your screen to life.So here are10 Best Android Live Wallpapers You Must Try

10 Best Live Wallpapers for Android

Best Live Wallpapers for Android

So here today we’ve made a list a small collection of our favorite Live Wallpaper apps for Android, some of which are free. The apps in the list here are some of the best available live wallpapers  for the platform today.some of them are totaly free some are paid but also have free versions with some restrictions.

My Log Home Live Wallpaper

On top of our list is My Log Home LWP

Developed by 10ravensinteractive.com The wallpaper provides  amazing and soothing atmosphere of  of log cabin situated in wild nature with the view of the mountains.it  is compatible with tablets in wide screen mode as well as portrait.The Wallpaper can use your phones gyroscope to provide motion effects and also has some cool interactive touch effects like lens flare


• Realistic and next-gen graphic.
• Automatic weather with seasons
• 360° seamless and horizontal view around whole scene
• Interactive items
• Gyroscope and accelerometer
• Several color modes such as black&white, sepia and more.
• Lens flares
• Vignette
• Aberration
• Hiding objects
• Choice for selecting your national flag
• Notepad on a wall where you can write short note.
• Function calendar
• Function digital and analog clocks
• Place your images into the scene from your gallery
• Can be used as a portrait or landscape
• Smooth animations
• 7 different camera views
• 3 versions of textures for better optimization
• Particles of dust, sparks, snow and other
• Nice and realistic lighting with a glow

The App Comes in Two Variants Free And Paid With Free one having some restrictions on the customization part

Download My Log Home LWP Free 

Download My Log Home LWP Paid 

3d paralaxx background live wallpaper

After My log LWP number second on our list is 3d Paralaxx Background Live wallpaper by Vinwap Games. The idea behind this wallpaper comes from the same effect that is seen on iOs7 the 3D effect that iOS 7 has where the icons seem to be floating above the background.This app Gives your homescreen a real 3D depth with gyroscope controlled multi-layered parallax backgrounds which seem even better than effect featured on Iphone iOS 7. Still you can use some of the provided single backgrounds if you wish.Unlike other live wallpapers which just move one flat background image- this app combines few background layers, reacting to your device’s gyroscope rotation and tilting to give the best illusion experience.Unfortunately The app is available only in paid versions which is ~1$ but its still worth the price.



• fully 3D OpenGL gyroscope controlled environment
• completely new and unique feature you won’t find anywhere else even on Iphone – multi-layered parallax
• 4 unique multi-layered backgrounds for better depth illusion – more coming soon.
• rotating backgrounds to match your device’s rotation in all axis
• same 3D depth effect as seen on Iphone iOS 7
• configure the levels of depth effect
• use your own custom image or choose from included backgrounds set (please use default gallery application to select own image as we’re working on adding support for 3rd party apps like quickpix, dropbox etc)
• smooth and battery efficent
• has an option to use only accelerometer sensor which uses 10 times less power than other sensors for super extra power save (not really neccessary)
• when not visible application is completely stopped, it doesn’t run anything in background

Download  3D Parallax Background Live Wallpaper

Space colony live wallpaper

So Number three on our list is a live wallpaper from  maxelus.net which features buildings that light up, space ships, a glowing aura, and more.the app is highly customizable in almost every aspect imaginable.On the first look the wallpapers looks a bit like Coruscant (from “Star Wars”).The Space Colony is surrounded by Toxic Aura. You can change the color and power of Aura. The colonists use it to gaining energy. Over the city flying big spaceships, transports new colonists and cargo.In the city you can also set the illumination of buildings, set several different camera paths. Quick double-click on the screen automatically change the route of the cameraAlthough there is no free version of this app to download , you can checking out some of developer Maxelus.net‘s other Live Wallpapers which are free to help you decide on the purchase.

Download Space Colony Live Wallpaper 


Nexus Triangles Live Wallpaper

Nexus Triangles LWP From Chickenbellyfinn comes out at number four on our list .The Wallpaper gets its look from default  Android 4.2 Jelly Bean wallpaper.We found  this wallpaper a little short on customization part unlike others,the app included custom backgrounds and ability to change size, colors, animations, and responsiveness of the triangle shapes. If you don’t want to spend the time tweaking and fine-tuning, just select one of the preset themes.one of good features included is how the image can change based on battery level.so you know when you are running out of charge. The App comes in two variants free and paid

Download Nexus Triangles LWP Free 

Download Nexus Triangles LWP Paid

Galaxy Pack live wallpaper

Another Great Live Wallpaper From maxelus.net made it to number 5 on our list.The Wallpaper Features Animated space Galaxies  on your home screen and they look pretty stunning . The app is highly customizable And comes with several cool themes preinstalled.it can utilize your androids gyroscope and react to touches . highly recommended app , the whole galaxy pack comes in paid version but unbundled galaxy wallpapers can be downloaded for free

Features and themes

1. Red Dragon Galaxy

2. Hydra Galaxy
3. Small Cloud Galaxy
4. Pegasus Galaxy
5. Colossus Galaxy
6. Cyclop Galaxy
7. M101 Galaxy (Update 1.1)
8. Hextor Galaxy (1.2)
9. Hydrogen Clouds (1.3)
10. Inferno Clouds (1.3)
11. Primaeval Galaxy (1.4)
12. Toxic Galaxy (1.5)

Download Galaxy Pack Live Wallpaper 

Download Galaxy Live Wallpapers  Free

3d tiles paralaxx live wallpaper

On Number six we have a wallpaper Developed by Niko Pfeifer ,Pretty Similar to the 3d Parallaxx background Wallpaper, this wallpaper is a  high-resolution live wallpaper with 3D animated tiles in varying shades and amazing looking Parallax 3D effect. 3D Tiles uses the same 3D effect like IOS 7.

The tiles react to touch and move into other positions. There are variable controls for speed, height and color of the animation.The parallax effect works perfect if the device has a gyroscope, but it has a backup mode which uses the Accelerometer and is also working very well.it includes several themes preconfigured as well ability to create and save new ones , app is availible in two versions normal and pro with pro having some additional features

Download 3d Tiles Parallax Live Wallpaper Free

Download 3d Tiles Parallax Live Wallpaper Pro

Racing Car live wallpaper

Like Cars? Like Speed? well this one is for  you then Racing Car  live wallpaper developed by SmoothDROID provides an ambient environment with cars traveling in a shallow Depth Of Field effect and camera zooms.The app includes several customization options and various diffrent sports car models to choose from the wallpapers has a minimal look and is not much distracting as well which is why it comes on number seven on our list.it comes in paid and free versions to choose from.


Download Racing Car Live Wallpaper Free

Download Racing Car Live Wallpaper Paid

Custom beam live wallpaper

number eight on our list is a minimal wallpaper developed by Chickenbellyfinn Custom Beam is a Phase Beam/Sunbeam clone that lets you customize colors and animation angle, and many, many other settings. You can even make it useful by enabling the battery indicator feature, which changed the colors depending on your remaining battery life! Its Phase beam like never before! See features section below for a complete list!. it gets its design from android phase beam wallpaper but a little more detailed



Download Custom Beam Live Wallpaper

Audio Glow live wallpaper

Number Nine on our list is a wallpaper from reknowned wallpaper developer Cypher Cove . Audio Glow Live Wallpaper is more of a music visualizer than live wallpaper and not just visualizer   it’s one that’s beautiful, functional, and extremely customizable.


This music visualizer brings your music to the screen in an explosion of bright colors.• Visualizes whatever music or sound is coming from any other app.
• Dramatically displays artist name and track name for most popular music players.
• Extensive color and shape options to tweak
• Save your settings as themes, and use the included Tasker / Locale plugin to load any of your saved themes in response to almost anything you can imagine.
•Glistening particles keep the screen alive with motion even when music isn’t playing (can be turned off)
• Option to auto-animate as if there is always music playing

Download Audio Glow Live Wallpaper

Koi  Live Wallpaper

Right on number ten we have very popular and one of oldest live wallpaper from developer Kittehface Software althoug we mentioned this at number ten but this wallpaper could easily stand in between wallpapers mentioned in the list above.Koi live wallpaper has Koi happily exploring their pond! Colorful fish and beautiful backgrounds make Koi Live Wallpaper better than the real thing!. the fishes interact to your touch and ripple effect is pretty realistic

Download Koi Live Wallpaper

So thats it Folks these are some of the best wallpapers we shortlisted for you to try if you have any suggests some of your favorites dont hesistate to comment below .
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